Experimenter’s Info / Leutz C-7

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     Experimenter’s Information Service / Leutz C-7 superheterodyne. This was one of the nicer sets in Rick’s collection. It has a couple of modifications from the published plans, like the addition of different tuning dials and the adjustable grid leak detector. Collectors usually don’t like modifications like this. The wiring is a little sloppy also. Rick did not do any changes to the wiring, and neither will I. This is actually how most Leutz sets would look like if they have not been messed with since the 1920s. I am actually glad the wiring looks like this. At least I can tell that it has not been rewired more recently by someone like Billy Richardson!
     Rick owned this radio for nearly 50 years. It was the first battery superheterodyne that he owned. I suspect that he entered it into a couple of radio shows back in the day. The paper explaining the Norden-Hauck / Ezperimenter’s Information Service Super-Het seems to indicate that it was entered in a show or display around 1970, and the red ribbon is from a Colorado radio show in 1990. These papers were inside the radio when I purchased it. Bob Lutz later sent me some more paperwork that included the letter from Charles R Leutz Jr. I will keep all this Luetz documentation inside the radio. If someone can pry my dead hands off the radio then they can have the paperwork also!

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