Sangamo / Pressley 1

Ricks Sangamo1 1
Ricks Sangamo1 2
Ricks Sangamo1 3

 The first of two Sangamo / Pressley superheterodynes. This one has a hard rubber panel. The splash stains on the panel will not simply come off with a damp rag. A small amount of rubbing compound should do the job, and make the panel shine in the end! After that, the entire chassis should be restored also.

October 19, 2023 Update:


Ricks Sangamo1 4.1

     View of the Pressley superhet after a little cleaning and restoration. The main thing visible here is the front panel. The original hard rubber panel was heavily oxidized and it had some stains that were hard to clean off. I improved the looks of the panel by sanding it, starting at 120 grit sandpaper and gradually climing up to 2000 grit sandpaper. The sanding removed all the stains and oxidation. Rubbing a little machine oil on the panel at this point kind of brings some life back to it and makes it look nice. The knobs are the original knobs and they also show signs of heat damage from the sun and oxidation. The looks of the radio could be improved by replacing the knobs with undamaged knobs.

Ricks Sangamo1 4.2

     Side view of the radio.

Ricks Sangamo1 4.3

     View of the chassis after a lot of cleaning. These are the correct binding posts that a nice Pressley should have.

Ricks Sangamo1 4.4

     Under chassis view of the wiring.

Ricks Sangamo1 4.5

     One final view of the chassis.

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