Rick’s Superhets

     This section contains a record of most of Rick Ammon’s superheterodyne collection, from the time just before his death. Nobody seemed to know what happened with Rick. David Willenborg, a good friend of Rick’s, would usually make telephone contact with Rick at least once a month or so. David informed the rest of the radio collecting community when Rick passed, but that was about all we knew. David tried to get the unpublished manuscript “The Rolls Royce of Reception” from Rick’s estate, for the purpose of finishing it, but it seemed like nothing was available. Rick’s computer and hard drive were missing. Nobody knew what happened to Rick’s radios. It seemed like a hopeless challenge to recover anything from Rick’s estate.
     Then, from out of the blue, I got an email from one Robert “Bob” Lutz, asking if I would be interested in any of Rick’s radios! “Are you kidding?,” was my reply. I thought that Rick’s radios may have ended up in the local landfill, and they nearly did. I made arrangements with Bob to buy all of Rick’s superhets that he had. Carrie and I flew to Kansas City, Missouri, rented a U-Haul truck, and drove them about 1000 miles west to our home in Utah. What follows is a record of most of Rick’s 1920s superheterodyne collection. I did not get them all. I had pictures and info of some of the sets that I did not purchase, and other sets I have no information at all.

1. All American Music Room [pictures only]

2. Eight-In-Line

3. Experimenter's Info / Leutz C-7  (My first super – Many years ago bought it with a dozen related items for $30!  Sorry…Had to brag about that one! All original Leutz specified parts)

4. Famous Frank (Panel & cabinet only)

5. Fenway DX Nine (Everyman’s Nine) [pictures only]

6. Haynes-Griffin (Narrow Panel, Deep Baseboard)

7. Haynes-Griffin (Double Tall Panel – fair cond.) [no info]

8. Haynes-Griffin (with meter)

9. Langhorne (Three Dials)

10. Long-Remler (in blond cabinet)

11. M & H (No cabinet & broken panel) [pictures only]

12. Madison Moore (early version)

13. Microdyne Apex (No cabinet)

14. Microdyne Apex (Has cabinet)

15. Phenix Ultradyne L0 (First Ultradyne – 6 tube set)

16. Phenix Ultradyne L1/L2 (L1 converted to L2, but have original L1 coils)

17. Phenix Ultradyne L2 [pictures only]

18. Raven  (Three Dials) [pictures only]

19. RCA Radiola 24 Portable

20. RCA Radiola 812 Semi-Portable [no info]

21. RCA Radiola 813 Panel [no info]

22. RCA Radiola 60 (My Great Grandfather’s) [no info]

23. Remler

24. Remler (Huge copper-shielded cabinet) [no info]

25. Remler Infradyne (Second Thorola version, October 1, 1926)

26. Samson-Cotton (No cabinet)

27. Sangamo Pressley

28. Sangamo Pressley

29. Scott Worlds Record Super 8 [pictures only]

30. Standard

31. Supertone by Buckwalter

32. Thompson Seven [pictures only]

33. Tyrman 70 (No cabinet)

34. Tyrman 70 (Corbitt cabinet)

35. Victoreen (1926)


Baldwin-Pacific Kit (Original box)

Branston kit (Original box)

Phenix Ultradyne L2 Kit (Original box)

Precise Kit (Original box)

Sangamo Kit (Two each, with original box’s)

Silver-Marshal Transformer Kit (Original box)

Sypher kit (Original box)

Tropadyne Kit (Original box)


Ricks page Robert Lutz and Duane Bylund 1

     Robert Lutz and Duane Bylund getting ready to load what was left of Rick Ammon’s superhets into the U-Haul. Thank you Robert for the opportunity to meet you and to purchase these radios for future study and preservation! We are all just caretakers for a short while.

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